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Download Runescape Bot Mouse Recorder Mouse Macro AutoClicker AutoTyper

 Today I want to share an app from a very long time ago that has seemed to completely disappear from the internet in the last 5 years. 

The RuneScape Mouse Macro mouse recorder auto mouse bot tool. 

About the App

This is a very small tool, but very powerful tool!  Originally coded to be used to cheat at games with a repetitive task, the creative mind can find many ways to use this to their advantage. I will create a post explaining how you can use this tool to get free bitcoin later, but use your imagination for now. It is a GREAT versatile bot for many repetitive tasks. 

Designed to be used with Microsoft Windows, STILL WORKS! 

This app was coded back in the early 2000s, many years before the word malware, but it never hurts to be in the habit of running stuff like this in a virtual environment such as sandboxie.


What it does

[Press start recording] - Records your mouse movement, left click & right click. 

[Stop Recording with hotkey]

[Playback] - Takes control of your mouse and replays the recorded movements and clicks. Loops recording.



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